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Mighty Mo is my baby. I have owned him since 1975. During the 70s I raced him at off-road 'rodeos'. There were sand drags (100 yards) and obstacle courses. We were quite successful and acquired some 15 trophies for our efforts. Many of these are 1st place.

Below are some links to photos. I have listed them this way for faster loading.

What's in a name? - The story of how Mighty Mo got his name

1975 -76 - In the beginning and the 1st rebuild

June 1999 - 23 years later, he's undergoing another rebuild. Engine and frame are painted and ready for assembly.

July 1999 - Engine / Transmission / Transfer Case is installed and exhaust mounted. The mufflershop wondered why I wanted an exhaust now. How else to cook the engine paint?

August 1999 - Starting the painting. The bottom is white. This reflects light and assists in seeing the repair at hand. Besides it looks cool.

September 1999 - Well, he's going together nicely - the body is on. Winter is coming and I have lots of things to do to get ready. So Mighty Mo will have to wait for a while.

December 1999 - Well Winter is here. I took some time away from plowing snow and playing with my 3/4 ton Dodge 4x4 to install the Fenders, Hood and Grill to see how they fit. Still gobs to do. I want to have him ready for the Father's Day Jeep show at the new Jeep Plant.

June 2000 - Well the new millenium is here, the world didn't come to an end and he is painted. These are some pics taken at the Father's Day Jeep show at the new Jeep Plant. Mo is still a work in progress. He runs, but much work still to do. BTW check out the Dodge 6x6 T Max.

July 2000 - Well, here are the details of Mighty Mo. Not done, don't know if he will ever be *done* but, ready to play.

September 2001 - The last year Mighty Mo has seen a few changes. 2 1/2" suspension lift, Shackle Reversal, Lettering, and a fuel pressure regulator are some of the changes. Oh -- Mo wanted to let you know that he now has a Windshield and Horn. He never had these items and is very excited.

April 2002 - After a quarter century with the same shoes Mighty Mo finally got a new set.

June 2003 - Well I finally broke down and put a top on him. Also added a rear seat and Warn Winch

April 2006 - Winter is over. It's time to take the snow plow off and put the winch back on.


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