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Thee story behind the obtaining this Jeep:

While working on Mighty MO. I determined I needed some parts. I further determined, the cost of these parts would be quite high. So, I went about finding a vehicle that would serve as a parts vehicle. I found one on the Willys Tech Parts Board and called the guy. He said he had no pictures he could email me. He and the Jeep were located just south of Nashville, TN and as luck would have it, my sister lives near there. I asked her to take some pictures and email them to me. These are shown below. I decided to buy the Jeep and went on a WRM (Willys Recovery Mission) to Nashville. Upon seeing the vehicle I wasn't so sure this was a parts vehicle. Body seemed solid, original script in all the right places, disc brakes on the front and 10" drums on the rear. Tires and wheels looked pretty good, he had a tow bar and sported front and rear trailer hitch balls. The Top was in very good condition and a decent tire carrier adorned the rear. AM/FM radio and CB were mounted below the dash and worked. The owner stated it had been in regular use till he took it in on trade for a Ford Bronco - go figure -. Maybe I need to find another Jeep for parts.

Well, we loaded it up on the trailer and "It followed me home"

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2012 Resto Mod

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