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I originally bought this as a father and son project. My son was 13 and I thought a 2-3 year project of restoring this would be a great idea. Notice I said "I thought"! It seems my son thought restoration was a BAD idea and the first thing he wanted to do was tear out all the original cloth covered wiring. Then he wanted to change it over to 12 volt so a "killer stereo" could be installed. My Ideas were vastly different and so it looks like the restoration will be a father and father project. (Maybe Matt, my son, will "repair" Ole' Blue)

This vehicle was purchased at a local estate auction. It had been sitting in a garage for the last 13 years. The gentleman that owned it, purchased it in 1966. According to the gentleman's son the vehicle had always been kept in a garage. Examination of the sheet metal bears out that claim.

  • As purchased ( October 25, 2003)

Faded red, but headlight rims look reasonably good. Passenger wiper needs help.

The painted hubs are from a brake job I did immediately. New master cyl, 4 wheel cyls, and brake shoes

Top bows are from a previous top. I also have the door frames. Unknown manufacturer of the top.

I also got a rear seat (not pictured). However a way to mount it to the Jeep® doesn't exist. Hummm??

Spare tire is 600x16 and tires on the Jeep® are 700x16. All tires are Firestone and look to be very old.

Drawbar is straight and equiped with a 1 7/8" crome ball - obviously not original. Tail light is a replacement and the reflector is missing.

Unmolested dash. The knockout for the govener is still in place.

Both drivers and passenger front floors are pop-rivet repairs. Gotta fix that! Also need a horn button.

Data plate on dash is original. That will be a job to restore.

Speedo and water temp gage are replaced with Stewart Warner units. However the rest are original and working fine.

Nice oricinal step. Seats have been recovered, but a decent job was done.

Not so nice passenger step. Will probably pust this back in place prior to removing for repair.

Check out the copper fuel line. That is a fire waiting to happen. I am told the radiator hoses aren't original, however they are "period".

That is one nice fuel filter. I don' believe that is original, but definately period. I will stay.

Ah, yes 6 volt. Battery needs a hold down bracket.

The air filter came without the base. This one is from a f-head. It fits fine.

Kind of hard to see, but this is the VIN tag.

Bad picture, but this is the generator tag.

This is the engine serial number. The engine is correct for the vehicle.

Carter WO. The linkage from the choke to the throttle has been lost over the years.


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